Skara Brae House 4 Gemstone Drop Earrings


These intricate gemstone drop earrings are part of the Skara Brae collection. The statement, asymmetric earrings move gently when worn.

The top element of the design a simplified shape of House 4 at Skara Brae. The lower element encapsulates the complete interior of House 4 including the hearth (depicted here with a gemstone). This abstract design includes a gemstone of your choice. The three dimensional quality comes from the delicate way in which the hearth is raised on the silver wires.

You can choose from the following gemstones:
London Blue Topaz
Yellow Citrine
Mozambique Garnet

To find out more about the collection and how it was inspired CLICK HERE

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Gemstone size: Baguette 8x4mm
Sterling Silver
Finish: Stone-Shine (Shiny with some texture)
Dimensions of top earring component excluding ear wire: 20mm high, 18mm wide and 1mm thick.
Dimensions of lower earring component: 30mm high, 30mm wide and 8mm thickest part (including raised setting).
Total heights of the two earrings: left is 50mm and right is 60mm

Choose from:
Citrine – is a yellow variety of crystalline quartz
London Blue Topaz – beautiful inky blue gemstone, Birthstone of November
Mozambique Garnet – Warm, deep red gemstone


London Blue Topaz, Mozambique Garnet, Yellow Citrine

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