Skara Brae House 7 Gemstone Drop Earrings


These intricate gemstone drop earrings are part of the Skara Brae collection. The statement, asymmetric earrings move gently when worn.

The top element of the design a simplified shape of House 7 at Skara Brae. The lower element encapsulates the interior of House 7 including the hearth (depicted here with a gemstone). This abstract design includes a gemstone of your choice. The three dimensional quality comes from the delicate way in which the hearth is raised on the silver wires.

The earring is made by layered square silver wires.

Choose from:
London Blue Topaz
Yellow Citrine
Mozambique Garnet

To find out more about the collection and how it was inspired CLICK HERE

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Gemstone size: Square 4mm
Sterling Silver
Finish: Stone-Shine (Shiny with some texture)
Dimensions of top earring component excluding ear wire: 17mm high, 18mm wide and 1mm thick.
Dimensions of lower earring component: 30mm high, 25mm wide and 8mm thickest part (including raised setting).
Total heights of the two earrings: left is 48mm and right is 55mm
Choose from:
Citrine – is a yellow variety of crystalline quartz
London Blue Topaz – beautiful inky blue gemstone, Birthstone of November
Tourmaline – Birthstone of October
Mozambique Garnet – Warm, deep red gemstone


London Blue Topaz, Mozambique Garnet, Tourmaline, Yellow Citrine

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