Jewellery Sizing

Jewellery Sizing

We really want you to be happy with your new jewellery, and to do this, you must get your jewellery sizing as accurate as possible.

Zoe Davidson Jewellery uses the UK’s ‘Wheatsheaf’ gauge for measuring finger sizes. Half sizes can also be given for the ‘perfect fit’, provided you let us know in advance. If you find your jewellery does not fit please send it back to us and we will happily resize or exchange the item for you (subject to postal charges). However, if it needs a second re-sizing, we will charge a £30.00 fee including postage. For any jewellery sizing, the most accurate method of measuring is to go to your local jeweller who can help you find your size.

Finding Your Ring Size

Things to note when determining your ring size:

– Your fingers can change size throughout the day; for instance, they can swell slightly during exercise or when exposed to warmth. So the best time to measure is at the end of the day when your fingers are at their largest!

– When buying stacking rings or wide-banded rings (approximately 6mm wide), keep in mind that you may need go up one or two ring-sizes than usual, as they will feel tighter around your finger.

– You have spent money on your ring, so make sure you get a snug fit so it does not fall off. You want to make sure the ring does not slide easily over your knuckle, this is what keeps your ring on.

– If considering buying a ring for your friend/partner/spouse, borrow a ring from them (from the correct finger of course) and approach your local jeweller to find out its size.

The table below shows the different ring sizes based on their circumference. However, this is only a guide, so to ensure you get your correct size, please visit your local jeweller who will have the appropriate equipment to measure your ring size accurately.

UK Ring Sizes US Ring Sizes Diameter (mm)
F 3 14.05
F ½ 3 ¼ 14.15
G 3 ½ 14.36
G ½ 3 ¾ 14.56
H 4 14.65
H ½ 4 ¼ 14.86
I 4 ½ 15.04
I ½ 4 ¾ 15.27
J 5 15.4
J ½ 5 ¼ 15.7
K 5 ½ 15.8
K ½ 5 ¾ 16
L 6 16.1
L ½ 6 ¼ 16.41
M 6 ½ 16.51
M ½ 6 ¾ 16.71
N 7 16.92
N ½ 7 ¼ 17.13
O 7 ½ 17.35
O ½ 7 ¾ 17.45
P 8 17.75
P ½ 8 ¼ 17.97
Q 8 ½ 18.19
Q ½ 8 ¾ 18.35
R 9 18.61
R ½ 9 ¼ 18.8
S 9 ½ 19.1
S ½ 9 ¾ 19.31
T 10 19.51
T ½ 10 ¼ 19.84
U 10 ½ 20.02
U ½ 10 ¾ 20.2
V 11 20.32
V ½ 11 ¼ 20.68
W 11 ½ 20.76
W ½ 11 ¾ 20.94
X 12 21.18

Finding Your Bangle Size

We offer three sizes of bangle: Small, Medium and Large. If you require a different size not given on our product options, please drop us an email where we will be more than happy help you. To measure your bangle size, please follow the steps below carefully. Alternatively, you may measure the inner diameter of a bangle you already own, then refer to the table below. Please note: Your hands may be of different sizes, so please measure the hand you wish to wear the bangle on. In addition, ensure the measuring tape is straight when sizing.

– Place your hand flat and face down onto a flat surface, fingers relaxed and straight ahead.

– Using a fine-marker pen, mark two spots: one on the knuckle following the centre of your index finger, and another on the knuckle following the centre of your little finger.

– Measure the distance (in mm) between the two marks using a soft measuring tape.

– This measurement should be the inner diameter of your bangle, please refer to the table below in order to establish your bangle size.

Bangle Size Inside Diameter (mm)
Small 60
Medium 64
Large 70
X-Large 74

Finding Your Cuff-Bangle Size

Finding your Cuff-Bangle size is relatively easy as they only come in two sizes: Small and Large.

A Small bangle has a wire-length of 14cm (internal diameter of approximately 5.5cm), and a Large has a wire-length of 16cm (internal diameter of approximately 6.5cm). The great thing about cuff-bangles is that there is a gap on the underside of about 2-3cm which allows you to slide the bangle off and on easily, as well as being able to adjust the size to your liking.

To find your size, simply measure loosely around your wrist using a tape measure and subtract 2cm for the gap.

Necklace Lengths

The majority of our necklaces come with a chain length of 18 inches, unless otherwise stated in the product description. If you would like a specific length, say a chain length of 16 inches, please drop us an email at where we will be happy to assist you.

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