Skara Brae House 1 Gemstone Ring


These sculptural rings draw the abstract shape of Skara Brae. A single statement gemstone add colour, warmth and depth to these intricate rings.

The design is the interior shape of House 1 at Skara Brae – the house with the famous dresser. The rings feature a single oval gemstone amongst the house’s passageways.

Choose from:
London Blue Topaz
Mozambique Garnet
Yellow Citrine

To find out more about the collection and how it was inspired CLICK HERE

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Gemstone size: Oval 6mm x 4mm
Sterling Silver
Finish: Stone-Shine (Shiny with some texture)
Dimensions: 1.5mm thick and 13mm widest part, stone setting approximately 3.5mm high.

Ring Size

D, D1/2, E, E1/2, F, F1/2, G, G1/2, H, H1/2, I, I1/2, J, J1/2, K, K1/2, L, L1/2, M, M1/2, N, N1/2, O, O1/2, P, P1/2, Q, Q1/2, R, R1/2, S, S1/2, T, T1/2, U, U1/2, V, V1/2, W, W1/2, X, X1/2, Y, Y1/2, Z


London Blue Topaz, Mozambique Garnet, Yellow Citrine

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